With Democrats and many other commentators expressing gloom and doom about the passage of the tax cut bill, a position amplified by most of media, it should not be surprising that many people are dubious about what is to come. Citizens are not being exposed to many of the far more positive comments and expectations coming from their counterparts in the business world, but it is not because those interests are not speaking out.

Business organizations, manufacturers, the finance sector, and spokespeople throughout the world of commerce flooded news rooms with words of celebration and gratitude with news of the passage of legislation which they anticipate will improve the economic climate for the growth of businesses, big and small.

Congress passed landmark tax reform legislation—the first major overhaul of our tax code in more than three decades and a huge step for manufacturers in America.

Manufacturers have made history, and it was because of your NAM’s tremendous leadership and mobilization. We made the difference. From President Donald Trump, to House Speaker Paul Ryan, to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, our nation’s key leaders on tax reform actively sought the NAM’s input and direction—and manufacturers’ support—every step along the way. We had a seat at the table and aggressively used it to secure critical provisions for manufacturers and beat back ones that would have seriously hurt our industry.

Now manufacturers will ring in 2018 with the kind of competitive edge we haven’t seen in a generation.

As NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons has said, the bill wasn’t perfect. We would like to have seen some additional pro-growth elements. That is why we have called for a government study every three years to see how our tax code stacks up to the rest of the world, so we can be fiercely competitive in a global economy.