At the end of the year, Sue DeVries plans to retire from her position as assistant manager of Metra Park.

 In submitting her written notice to Yellowstone County Commissioners, DeVries said it was one of the hardest decisions she has ever had to make. “I love my job,” she said, but a desire to spend more time with family has driven her decision.

DeVries has worked for Yellowstone County for 30 years. She administered the box office at Metra Park, prior to being named as assistant to Manager Bill Dutcher, in 2008.

“This is my family,” said DeVries, adding that she will always be dedicated and supportive of Yellowstone County and hopes to be available to help on special projects or whenever an extra hand is needed.

The job is one that demands full dedication and commitment. Metra Park staff spend long hours working together and often spend holidays together. “We are a family,” said DeVries, adding that she often refers to Manager Bill Dutcher as her “work husband.”

Dutcher, who was in attendance at discussion when DeVries’ gave her notice on Monday, said that the position is a difficult one to fill because so much of what DeVries does depends upon her personal relationships with people – relationships that take a lot of time and effort to develop.

Dutcher and DeVries then fell to reminiscing about the coups they achieved in getting events and acts for Metra Park that happened only because of those great relationships.

DeVries said she will miss getting phone calls from people like Garth Brooks. She added, however, she is not concerned about Metra Park functioning well, going forward. “We have such a good staff at Metra Park,” she said.

County commissioners expressed dismay about getting the news and thanked DeVries for all her years of service and commended her for her dedication.

Commissioner John Ostlund also thanked her for giving them so much notice which will allow them time to advertise the position and hire someone soon enough to get training before DeVries leaves.