by Evelyn Pyburn

In a day when headlines are daily dismaying. When one is pushed to wonder if the whole world has gone crazy. When one hears of incident after incident of people behaving badly, you might be forgiven if you forget the greater reality of the people all around you who make our communities great.

Nothing reaffirms the true reality of exactly how great people around us are, more so than Family Business Day when we recognize people whose values, work ethics and contributions to society, makes our spirits soar.

Having attended MSU Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship’s Family Business Day for almost every year of its 24 year history, I can attest that there is no event that happens in Montana more uplifting and inspiring.

The families whose hard work, enterprise and success are recognized during this event are among the most wonderful people in the state to meet and to hear about. Each of their stories is riveting and amazing, and each of their stories offer a valuable lesson about the opportunities that are possible to anyone who reaches for the best within themselves.

Everyone owes it to themselves to attend this event at least once, just to fully appreciate what a wonderful world we live in.

Congratulations to each and every winner of the Family Business Awards, and thank you, for just being who you are.