Dear Editor,

District Court judges have a difficult job.  On a daily basis they see the best and the worst of mankind.  Regardless of the case, a good judge insures fairness and treats both sides with respect.  It takes self discipline on part of a judge as some folks reappear all too often.  Judge Russ Fagg and I worked in the same building for number years.  I got to observe him as he interacted with the public.  He listens first. How Judge Fagg was able to remain positive and look for the best in people speaks volumes about him.  Frankly, these qualities are lacking in Washington D.C.   

While I don’t know all the candidates I believe them to be good people.  However, I do know Russ Fagg. I’m elated that he’s running for US Senate from Montana.  Russ understands that while some functions should be performed by the federal government most are best left to local and state governments, schools and private individuals.  More government is not the answer rather often the problem.

Please take a good look at Senate candidate Russ Fagg.  He would make us proud. 

Jim Reno

Billings, MT 59105