It’s been my observation in life that human beings were meant to work. We are hard-wired to work – or perhaps another way to say it is, we are programmed to produce, to create, to build, to do.

Some of the people who know this and pursue such a life style are commonly called entrepreneurs. Lots of people recognize that they are happiest when they are doing something productive, but entrepreneurs have stepped it up a level in self-directing themselves and assuming the risk inherent in forging their own path. They know that the real road to happiness is not only to do productive things but to do what one loves to do. This often results in new ideas, inventions, and sometimes forges a completely new society.

Without a focus in life, without goals or outlet for creative effort, most human beings seem to become miserable and unhappy with all around them, and can often be witnessed to engage in self-destructive activities.

That we humans should be thus, shouldn’t be too surprising given that productivity is undoubtedly an innate impulse that nature imposes upon us to maintain life. It is in our nature as human beings.

In a society that allows the unleashing of the true nature of human beings, the advancement of production and technology has gradually created a surplus of wealth that allows some people to avoid this reality – allows them to attempt to forsake their own nature — but it is there nonetheless.

Life is likely to be far more rewarding for those who understand that their identity comes from what they do, far more so than anything external— and that the first person one must impress in life is yourself, if content and happiness is the goal.

Anyone who deplores this obligation of life and advocates a life of simple consumption, does a great dis-service to those who buy into their ideas. Nothing will destroy the spirit, character, or self-confidence of an individual more than inactivity, of not having goals or not exploring their inner-being.

Front page news stories reveal that no one is immune from their nature as a human being and the need to create or produce – whether its young hoodlum thugs wandering streets aimlessly, wantonly spreading destruction, pain and even death to others, or the rich and famous who have at their disposal all that they need for creature comforts, but are still not happy. The news stories are usually about misbehavior that defy laws, about drugs, suicide attempts, attacks on others, displays of pointless anger.

It’s been said that the “most dangerous man” is a man without a purpose. A man without a purpose is someone who is attempting to abdicate their true nature.

Given our nature and the opportunities we have, it is amazing that so many in our society seem bent on reaching a nirvana where “work” is no longer demanded of them. Undoubtedly, this comes in large part from people who have forsaken themselves in the pursuit of security and the unchallenging existence of punching a time clock in the quest of someone else’s dream – not that those kinds of jobs aren’t challenging and rewarding – in fact most are, but whether they are depends on the individual involved and whether that individual is doing what they love to do and on their way to achieving some personal goal. When that isn’t the case, it is understandable that life becomes a countdown to the day they no longer “work.”

Interestingly, as we have all surely observed, many people who “retire” only do so to immediately pursue some other endeavor, either as part of a plan or in the realization that to do nothing is not nearly as rewarding as they imagined.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur but they are cut out to understand themselves and to know what pursuits and goals in life will be most fulfilling – and who knows, quite often they grow into becoming entrepreneurs.

We recognize entrepreneurship to be a hallmark of the height of achievement not because of the wealth or accolades it may generate, but because we recognize the individuals who take on such challenges as someone who is reaching the pinnacle of what it means to be human. They are reaching for the best within themselves, which should be the goal of each of us.