Letter to the Editor Concerning CSKT - Woo

Dear Editor:

One of the most important issues facing Montana is the protection of our natural resources and water rights. The CSKT Water Compact, passed in the 2015 legislature, unjustly gave away Western Montana water rights to a third party, the Feds and the Indian tribes.

Russell Fagg and Jon Tester are in favor of the CSKT Water Compact, along with the monied establishment that supports them.  Millions were spent in lobbying and advertising dollars to convince Montanans to part with their water rights based on deceptive advertising, deceptive legal arguments, and fear tactics. 

Native Indian Aboriginal Rights were recognized as superior to Article IX, section 3 of the Montana Constitution as a justification for this water rights transfer. 

For example, the group FARM (Farmers and Ranchers for Montana) is showing up again in various newspapers and advertisements.  They are a lobbying group which registered with the Montana Secretary of State in January 2015 to launch a CSKT advertising campaign for passage of a legislative bill which would transfer Western Montana Water rights to the Feds and CSKT Indian Tribes.  This lobbying group does not appear to be the claimed “grassroots organization” founded by farmers and ranchers “concerned about Montana’s future” that is conveyed to the public.  https:// westernmt water rights. wordpress. com/2016/ 04/21/ farm-grassroots- astroturf-or- something- else/

The most fierce defender of our water rights is Dr. Al Olszewski; he has a clear understanding of how this water heist took place, and will fight to protect MT waters and our constitutional rights to it. He will defend the sovereignty of Montana from outside For Profit Interests.

Dr. Olszewski, who is a physician and orthopedic surgeon, is also the most qualified to fix our dysfunctional healthcare system.  His knowledge and experience in the system will allow him to identify the skeletons and surgically remove the bureaucratic cancers and broken policies in this bloated system.

Most important of all, Dr. Al is a candidate of highest integrity. This will be his forte when he goes to work at the D.C. swamp.

Let us help Trump drain the swamp and take down the deep state by choosing the candidate with the highest integrity, Dr. Al Olszewski for U.S. Senate.

Mae W. Woo DDS

Billings, MT