Bamboozled?  Vote no on I-186

aThe word ‘bamboozled’ isn’t one we use often nor understand anymore.  However, if I-186 passes we’ll get a darn good reminder of its proper use. Bamboozled means the use of a ploy, ruse or scheme to achieve a specific goal.  An example would be, “Tom Sawyer ‘bamboozled’ the neighborhood boys into doing it for him.”

The proponents behind I-186 are presenting it as a much-needed solution, when in reality I-186 creates more problems than it solves.  I-186 is a proposal to stop the future of mining in Montana that is being pushed almost entirely by out-of-state interests.

Why does this matter?  Because these out-of-state groups are out-of-touch with Montana and don’t care if I-186 completely upends the balance between mining and protecting the environment that Montana has achieved.  The only thing they care about is making sure they have a place to recreate and vacation.

This attempt to shut down mining in Montana is not a grassroots movement.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  It’s a nationwide environmental activist effort, and if successful, will put restrictions on this state that will not only prevent future mining, it will have a serious impact on our state economy.

At this point campaign finance records indicate that nearly 75% of the donations to the I-186 campaign have come from out of state.  Most of us don’t even realize we’re being misled—-or bamboozled—-just like Tom’s neighborhood friends.

Don’t be bamboozled.  Vote No on I-186.

Ed Greef, Rep HD-88

Florence, Mt