It always amazes me how people who profess to be motivated by a deep concern for the poor, the disenfranchised, the forgotten, the maligned, or suffering –  can almost always stand adamantly opposed to the most effective means and protections ever devised to serve such people.
Not only that, but they seem to universally succeed in making it appear that people who advocate for the systems and processes that are effective in achieving those things, are uncaring, evil and mean people.

And, even worse, the systems and policies for which the hand-wringers and bleeding hearts advocate are almost always the very institutions and systems that most harm the disenfranchised, unconnected and poor. Most astoundingly, it seems, they WANT the systems of government and institutions of power that have historically proven to be most devastatingly bad for the common man, for the poor, for the disenfranchised.
One might conclude that it’s simply because they are innocently unaware and ignorant of the realities, but the issues and events they most adroitly avoid, says they do know. They would not otherwise know so precisely when to avert their gaze.
For example, the degree to which they ignore what is happening in Venezuela as a consequence of socialism in action, says they know that the total collapse of that country stands as a contradiction to their claims about the virtue of socialism. If they did not recognize the contradictions, people who care so much about humanity would surely be rushing to the aid and raising funds for the many thousands of people who are fleeing that country, eating zoo animals to keep from starving, who have lost their homes and livelihoods, and who have died at the hands of their socialistic leaders.
Bernie Sanders should be traveling to Venezuela to draw attention to the outcome of the application of his ideas, but he does not utter one syllable of explanation about the devastation, violence and death that is befalling those whom he claims to champion.
One could understand their lack of understanding if they never studied history, which appears to be the case of every public-educated school child. One can understand their inability to think critically if they have never been subjected to intellectual challenge or philosophical debate or if imbued with a religious fervor to a cause. . . which seems to be the outcome of colleges that censor all opposition —  but to ignore so totally the stark reality of current events?
Surely, too, when they cannot rebut those who advocate for the constitutional Republic or for Capitalism, and find themselves having to resort to name calling and besmirching characters – surely, at that point they would rethink their conclusions.
But events such as those of the past few weeks, and the decades-long mantra against Capitalism — even while they thoroughly enjoy its benefits — says that apparently half the people in this country do not support the structures that make their standard of living possible, and which are proven to best deliver the outcomes they claim they want.
For example, how can anyone who says they ache for the well-being of the common man not know the critical value to the poorest of the poor, to be presumed innocent until proven guilty?
It is so utterly more important than the appointment of any one person to any one office or any one partisan battle, that it is unspeakably evil that anyone should capriciously abandon that tenant on such a self-serving, fleeting whim.
Historically, requiring evidence to prove guilt is a revolutionary change in law that specifically serves to protect the common individual against the elite, rich and powerful. Commoners were not so protected in centuries past. And, it is still not held to be an assumption in most countries of the world (such as Turkey where, just last week, Pastor Andrew Brunson had to prove his innocence against the might of the Turkey government).
And, this is just one of the many, many tenants of the US Constitution that were so brilliantly incorporated by “old white men” in their quest to protect “the minority of one,” the poor, the disenfranchised. The intensity of the passion of our founding fathers to protect minorities, make the antics of “Antifa” groups, laughable. But apparently they know not, and a shocking portion of our population are willing to accept the undermining of the Constitution.
The other much- maligned system which most benefits the poor and disenfranchised, around the world – not just the US – is Capitalism.
It was recently announced that for the first time in history more than 50 percent of the people IN THE WORLD are living at middle- class levels or higher – and no one has any doubt that it is the result of Capitalism. Capitalism has done more to bring human beings out of poverty and destitution than any other device of human creation, and yet it is the most maligned and vilified system of all time. How can we take people who resist capitalism, seriously, about their professed love of humanity?
And, given that even in the US, capitalism has never been unleashed to its full potential, one can only wonder at what greater wealth for commoners could be achieved if the system were not crippled and hampered by having to drag along costly and ineffective socialist programs. If it were not weighed down by taxes and regulations, encumbered by bureaucracies, or actively opposed by power mongers.
One must conclude, that those who  impose guilt without evidence, or reject the freedom to exchange value for value, to create and grow wealth, are not really in pursuit of lifting up the downtrodden, they are attempting to confiscate the unearned and to wield power over others – nothing new, here. There is truly the means to bring most people in the world out of poverty and instill freedom for all, but that cannot be achieved until that is actually the goal.