As foreigners from many different countries clamor at our gates demanding – not asking – to be let in, we are subjected to news reports which claim that these people are trying to escape intolerable conditions in their own countries, and “a lot of it is provoked by policies of the United States!”

Such an outrageous claim when the truth of the matter goes so totally unacknowledged by anyone! While media is quick to give a platform to such outrageous statements, almost all media is stunningly silent about the real reason behind the “intolerable conditions” from which these people are fleeing.
The truth of why they flee is exactly the same as the reason people have fled from homelands for centuries – it is the same reason that originally populated the North and South American continents, hundreds of years ago. They flee because they lack the freedom to live from whence they come. They flee because their homelands are suppressed by dictators and socialism!!! Yes, socialism – that very ideal to which newly elected liberals to Congress have vowed to deliver us all.
Poverty stricken, homeless and disenfranchised, they flee because they are unable to earn a living, to generate the products and means they need to survive, because they are enslaved by governments and dictators that view their citizens as nothing more than “human resources” to sustain the power of the state.
They flee because they live under policies that are exactly the opposite of policies required for political freedom. They flee because they want the benefits of a country in which each citizen is viewed as more important than government, and where the common man’s rights are protected by a Constitution – the only such Constitution in the world.
To blame their conditions on the US is the height of “fake news,” and one is hard pressed to imagine that there is anyone who doesn’t know the truth of it, considering its inherent contradiction. If the US is to blame for all their woes then why would these people be fleeing to this terrible place?
What is a more logical question to ask? But has anyone asked it?
Of all the interviews and pontificating that has floated across our airwaves, in which we are told there are intolerable conditions in these countries, has there been one entity of media to delve deeper? It is after all true. There are millions of people who do face intolerable conditions in their homeland. Why is there 150 million people from 44 countries (among various estimates) who say they would prefer to be in the US – and more importantly why is this their preferred destination?
There is a deliberate diligence by our media and educational institutions to avoid answering that glaringly apparent question. It is no accidental oversight. The question is not asked because the answer is “socialism” – the path they want us all to follow without question or objection.
Nothing new here. The answer has been ignored for decades and decades. No wonder there are generations of young Americans who know not the existence of the problem, much less the real reason that the US stands at its crux. It is evidence of the huge impact that the lack of critical investigation, questioning and incomplete reporting can have in leading people astray in their conclusions and puts our nation at risk.