Among the latest benefits to become a demand by those “entitled” to the property of others is government-enforced “family leave.” This follows a plunging waterfall of demands that one hears about every day. Whether its health care, health insurance, education, child care, food, cell phones, housing, guaranteed income — there’s just a lot of people out there who see themselves as the justified recipients of all these things at no cost to themselves.

And, while I understand the desire to have such things for free, I wonder exactly what those who consider themselves “entitled”, are thinking.

I can’t go very far in wishing for free stuff without wondering who is going to provide it. None of those things manifest themselves like mushrooms. Every one of them requires a lot of hard work, investment and time on the part of some human beings, somewhere. If they voluntarily provide those things, fine; but when they are coerced by government, how does that square?

I would really like those who perceive themselves as being so entitled to submit a list with the names of those individuals who they believe are required to provide the benefits they want. This list would be a group of, apparently, “unentitled” people. These are the human beings that the “entitled,” apparently believe, owe them. These are individuals, by virtue of nothing more than having been born and that they exist, are obligated to the “entitled.” And of course, the “entitled” are entitled simply because they exist and want.  

There is absolutely nothing new about this desire for entitlements. It’s as old as the human race. And, their solution is nothing new either; it’s as old as the practice of every kind of slavery in history.

The fact that the “entitled” studiously avoid identifying, specifically, those who apparently owe them, doesn’t eliminate the reality of what must happen for them to get their entitlements – they must FORCE others to provide it to them. The fact that they rely upon politicians, bureaucrats and the mechanism of government to deliver their benefits – to do the FORCING — in no way diminishes their culpability in being involved in the practice of enslaving one human being for the benefit of another.

And the fact that it is called Socialism rather than slavery also does not diminish the reality of what they want.

What the “unentitled” are really unentitled to, under this system, is their rights. The “entitled” are saying the “unentitled” do not have the same rights to the fruits of their labor – the same property rights – as do the “entitled”; because once they have captured their unearned benefits, be assured, that the “entitled” hold strong expectations of being able to keep them. They expect to have their property rights recognized and protected, even while others have had theirs violated on behalf of the “entitled.”

I’ve listened to “entitled” people lament the lack of things which they believe they are owed, and usually, not only is there wistful wishing, but there’s a seething deep anger, about even having to point out the failure of the system in providing for them.  The anger seems to be directed at a nebulous group of people most often identified as “the rich.” And, the anger is as sharp and righteous as though the “rich” are actually hording property that really belongs to the “entitled”, just as though they had actually worked hard for the benefits and earned them and had experienced the theft of them.

These are indeed true believers. They are in no way troubled by issues – issues such as the questionable morality of enforced servitude; or the virtues of self-reliance and achievement; or the impracticality of an economic system in which all incentive to produce and create and live, virtuously, have been eliminated.

And, they are certainly not troubled by the use of force against innocent people. That fundamental acceptance in the use of force, allows them, without qualm, to advocate for a system such as Socialism  which ultimately relies upon the use of power by one group over another, because they ARE “entitled” and they are confident that they will always be the ones wielding the political clubs that keep them dominant over the “unentitled.”