Even if you live in Montana for a short while, the experience changes you forever, declares a post by Jessica Wick on “Only in Your State,” website. “Whether you’ve lived in Montana your entire life or you just spend a few glorious years here, when you move somewhere else or travel extensively, there’s one thing you notice: Life in the Treasure State changes you…. life experiences here are just a bit different than they are anywhere else.”

These are the ten things that Wick said might be noticeable for those who have ever lived in Montana:

1. You never can quite adjust to crowds. Montana’s biggest city would be considered a mid-sized town by most folks from other states. . .you’ll always feel claustrophobic when you’re walking through crowds of people.

2. Your first inclination will always be to give strangers a friendly smile. Of course, not everyone in Montana will smile at you, but you’ll always be met with more smiles than frowns when you’re in public. And that’s something that stays with you.

3. No berry will ever be as delicious as the huckleberry.

4. No matter where you go, you can typically identify a fellow Montanan after a short conversation. It’s not about the way they dress or the way they look. It’s the things you talk about, their interests, and their values that scream “Montana....” or they use the word “spendy” a lot.

5. You’ll never think of certain places - like Manhattan, Belgrade or Glasgow - the same again. You’ll catch yourself clarifying... “Montana, or?”

6. There will always be that urge to drive just a little faster.

7. And on that note, you’ll never quite adjust to other concepts of time. A 20 mile drive should take 20-25 minutes, not an hour or longer. Right?

8. You won’t realize how jaded you are about things like wildlife until someone in your company freaks out about spotting a deer and you have to feign fascination. “Why, yes, how unique and unexpected....”

9. Your ideal date night will always look just a little bit different than everyone else’s. A crowded, trendy restaurant with a 2 hour wait? No, thank you.

10. No matter how far you roam or how many places you call home, you’ll never stop feeling a bit homesick for Montana. Home is where the heart is, and the Treasure State tends to capture our hearts like no other place can.