Lisa Harmon been named SBA’s 2018 Montana Small Business Champion of the Year.

Harmon has served the community of Billings, Montana for nearly 15 years as the leader of the downtown business/redevelopment efforts.  She is not only a champion for small business, but also a champion for the community, working hard to improve the lives of its most vulnerable citizens.

 Lisa ran a very successful small business, baking and marketing her signature cookies all over the country.  She took over the Billings downtown business association at a time when strong, passionate leadership was greatly needed.  She rallied the local business community, created a business improvement district and joined forces with civic and business leaders to push forward the redevelopment of downtown Billings.

When safety and homelessness became an issue in downtown Billings, Lisa was the first to step up and take leadership.  Her model programs have been recognized nationally for their impact and caring approach.  These programs have proved the foundation for stronger, successful small businesses in downtown, while also shining the light on basic human needs of homeless and underserved populations.

Lisa has helped countless businesses receive Urban Renewal grants and revolving loans to enable them to be successful.  She volunteers and is responsible for fundraising and events and support for businesses in downtown. 

Lisa is a mentor, an advocate, and a friend.  Her leadership is a win-win that comes from the heart and vision of a champion.  She is an outstanding person of character, a small business success story, and a leader that cares about the success of each and every store-front on Main Street.

Lisa Harmon was nominated by Steve Arveschoug, Executive Director at Big Sky Economic Development.