Public meeting dates for the County’s elected officials Compensation Board were set by Yellowstone County Commissioners.

The committee will meet on June 5 and again on July 3, at 10:15 on both days. The first public meetings will be held in the new offices for the county commissioners in the Stillwater Building.

The County Compensation Board is appointed by Yellowstone County Commissioners for the purpose of reviewing and setting the salaries of the county’s elected officials, each year.

The Board is comprised of all three county commissioners, and three other elected county officials, the County Attorney and two residents of Yellowstone County (Oscar Heinrich, Jr. and Billie Ruff).

The Compensation Board will make recommendations to the Yellowstone County Commissioners, who make the final decision regarding the compensation that will be paid to elected officials in the 2018-19 fiscal year.

The County Compensation Board may take the following into account:

1) Salaries paid to comparable officials in other Montana counties, other states, state government, federal government and private enterprise.

2)  County variations, including population, the number of residents living in unincorporated areas, assessed valuation, motor vehicle registrations, building permits and other factors considered necessary to reflect the variations in the workloads and responsibilities of county officials as well as the tax resources of the county.