Rajon Properties Llc|Bradford Roof Management Inc, 2221 2 Ave N, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $10,750

Yegen Charles G &|Home Base Renovation, 211 N 30 St, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $3,300

Head Start Inc|Advanced Protection Systems Inc, 501 Custer Ave, Com Fire Systems, $25,585

Sisters Of Charith Of Leavenwo|Bauer Construction, 1233 N 30 St, Com Remodel, $20,000

Newkirk Real Estate-Montana Ll|Eec Inc, 1007 Mullowney Ln, Com Remodel, $113,000

Slow River Llc|Tight Lines Carpentry Of Montana Llc, 1333 N 27 St, Com Remodel, $23,000

Schaff Al|Air Controls Billings Inc., 475 6 St W, Com Remodel, $3,000

W D J Investments|Mcm Inc, 2222 Broadwater Ave, Com Remodel, $8,000



Jackson Point Properties Llc|Magic City Construction Llc, 1516 2 St W, Demolition Permit Residential, $3,500

Ed Higbie Jr. |E & H Enterprises, 208 Custer Ave, Res Fence/Roof/Siding, $1,500

Pitman Paula L & Denis A|Aftermath Reconstruction, 726 Aquarius Pl, Res Fence/Roof/Siding, $6,000

Odegaard Paul D|Donahue Roofing Llc, 16 Alderson Ave, Res Fence/Roof/Siding, $10,000

Diederich Robert C|Bryan Roofing, 934 Delphinium Dr, Res Fence/Roof/Siding, $9,900

Gouldsberry Brian & Tracey|Aaron Johnson Construction, 3664 Fort Laramie Dr, Res Fence/Roof/Siding, $12,000

Koch Rena Marie|Donahue Roofing Llc, 530 Alderson Ave, Res Fence/Roof/Siding, $10,800

Barkus Murray A & Delanie|Singh Contracting Inc, 4483 Iron Horse Trl,   Res Fence/Roof/Siding, $17,000

Trailhead Builders |Trailhead Builders Inc, 3135 Harrier Ln, Res New Single Family, $261,280

Oakland Built Homes Inc.|Oakland Built Homes Inc, 2206 Sierra Vista Cir, Res New Single Family, $146,280

Oakland Built Homes Inc.|Oakland Built Homes Inc, 2210 Sierra Vista Cir, Res New Single Family, $147,015

North Homes Llc, |True North Homes Llc, 1709 E Thunder Mountain Rd, Res New Single Family, $283,210

Vista Llc|Beartooth Holding & Construction, 2710 Cornell Cir, Res New Single Family, $245,275

Eaton Family Trust|Eaton And Yost Contractors, 3245 Alpine Dr, Res Remodel Single/Duplex/Garage, $6,000

Madison Walter G|Exterior Design Solutions, 404 Houle Dr, Res Remodel Single/Duplex/Garage, $1,500

Snow Carol E|Decorative Concrete Professionals, 281 Wind Cave Cir, Res Remodel Single/Duplex/Garage, $7,000

Adler Louis & Sharon|Macdonald Steel Exteriors, 3310 Broadwater Ave, Res Remodel Single/Duplex/Garage, $3,200

Lara Maxx R, 1244 Benjamin Blvd, Res Remodel Single/Duplex/Garage, $16,000

Hubbs Gregory & Zandra, 4516 Grams Ct, Res Remodel Single/Duplex/Garage, $10,980

Hammel Brent D &|One Source Construction Llc, 4135 Palisades Park Dr, Res Windows/Doors, $2,500