From the Oil Patch Hotline

Because of the critical shortage of outbound crude oil pipelines in Canada, Enbridge Inc. is proposing an expansion of its older Express Pipeline.

The current pipeline runs 731 miles from Hardisty, Alberta (through Montana) to Casper, WY, and then connects to the Platte Pipeline.

The open season will end Aug. 7.

Built in 1997, the pipeline now carries 193,000 BOPD, and has enough capacity to increase shipments to 280,000 BOPD.

“Given the shortage of pipeline capacity out of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Enbridge has been exploring options to provide industry with incremental near-term capacity,” said Guy Jarvis, executive vice president of the company’s liquids pipelines division. “The efficient expansion capacity on the Express Pipeline being offered in this open season will provide additional takeaway capacity, which we believe will be well received by the shipping community.”


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