By Evelyn Pyburn

Why does the slogan “Make America Great Again” cause such angst for so many? Some say it is a threat!

I know the twisting of reason and words by those who supposedly feel threatened by it. So bizarre is the reasoning though, it’s hard to believe that they even believe what they say. That some might feel threatened there is no doubt – but, the reasons are not those given.

There is threat in the real meaning of the statement to anyone who wants power over others, who strive for the unearned, who (for whatever demented reasons) hates seeing people succeed, live life happily on their own terms, and stand independent of government.

“Make America Great Again” addresses the deeply entrenched, uniquely, American concept that the citizen is supreme to the state. The phrase boldly asserts that it has been that political philosophy that has allowed the emergence of the most productive, creative, wealthy, and happy of citizens, and in so doing, incidentally, built the most powerful and competitive nation that has ever existed. “Make America Great Again,” also recognizes that the decades- long trend toward socialism is the derailing of all those things, and declares the course must be changed.

“Make America Great Again” is indeed a powerful statement.

And, it gives statists – the world around — many reasons to feel threatened, because nothing could be more threatening to their goals, than such “ideas”. So, not only must they twist the meaning of the words, they must silence everyone who would attempt to explain otherwise, because even they understand that nothing is more potent than ideas, and in a free-wheeling discussion of ideas, they lose. So to advance socialism there can be no public discourse, no open debate, no unsanctioned speeches, no discussion of ideas. Even legislative processes that would craft public policies become too dangerous to pursue, because it would invoke the uncontrolled discussion of ideas.

The name calling – ever time it commences – is a concession by the antagonists that within the realm of ideas they are bankrupt, and the only chance they have of prevailing is through the name calling which is to shout “shut up.”

It must be the successful squelching of public debate and the discussion of ideas that has persuaded so many people – those who sincerely seek the wellbeing of the greatest number of people — to conclude that socialism is the means to do so, and that principles of freedom are not. It is otherwise incomprehensible to understand how so many people could otherwise reject what the very existence and status of this country has proven to be true – that no other system of government has ever done so much for so many.

As Dr. Milton Friedman stated, ““The record of history is absolutely crystal clear—that there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activity that is unleashed by a free enterprise system.”

When you look around any American city. Glance up and down the street of any American neighborhood. Contemplate the scope and breadth of all that is accomplished in this country every single day by individuals living free lives and pursuing dreams of self-fulfillment and creative challenge. When you can daily see the miracle of it all, and not be awed by the mechanisms that induces it, it is so astounding as to leave one speechless – and yet, as erroneous as it is, that is the  pervailing perception throughout, not just this country, but the world.

It is understandable why power -mongers of any sort who have subjugated their own populations – it is understandable why they would be threatened by anything that directs attention to the reasons the US is the country it is. They should — and are — quaking in their boots, at the attention President Trump has brought to the “ideas” behind that citizen empowerment. Tyrants everywhere should be concerned because nothing stands in the way of any, or every other country, of pursuing the same path – nothing but their people deciding that it what they want – and nothing will invoke those “ideas” more so than widespread discussion about them. The likelihood is that the smallest and poorest country in the world could quickly become an economic powerhouse in the world, should they but grant its population the same freedoms and unleash the pent-up potential of its people.

“Make America Great Again,” is a throwing down of the gauntlet – a proclamation to the world that if anyone wants to do well, economically, they must do so on the merits of production and creativity and competitiveness. The vehemence against the statement speaks loudly as to its truth and unveils completely the deceit of all those who claim otherwise. How could they not be threatened?

“Make America Great Again” is no threat to the world – it is an invitation.


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