May 8 at 8:59 pm

Chef’s log day eleventy four, day 5 post quarantine. Parking lot is full, guests are dining 6′ apart, social distancing is being adhered to, my dining room is full, and the take away meals keep on coming. 45 days of plating in styrofoam boxes and aluminum half pans has been my method of operation. I cannot adequately express the joy to plate a meal on actual plates! To my crew that has stuck with me from day one of this pandemic, my hats off to you all. You all are the reason the HH is what it is, and continues to be! I am normally very humble, but to hear the continuous compliments, read the positive reviews, help turn your meal from sustenance into a memory, sparks not only pride but creativity. I want to keep doing right by my customers every single dish. I want today’s meal to be better than yesterday’s, and even better tomorrow. There is no manual or cheat sheet for a chef to refer to amidst a pandemic. It’s learning every second of every day what works, and what doesn’t. Sure there are failures and missed opportunities, but we are learning as we go. I can honestly say I could cook the rest of my life and never deal with another quarantine, and be just fine. However, when the murder bees flock to Billings, or they release the Carole Baskins, I am ready to deal with it! Night ‘yall.

Andrew Glynn is Chef at the High Horse Saloon and Eatery in Billings.


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