By Logan Portenier, Yellowstone County News

Gavilon Grain LLC is moving from their current site in Billings towards Huntley. “The current location has run its shelf life,” stated the Gavilon Marketing and Communications Manager, Patrick Burke.

The main goal for the move is not only to make the process for the farmers and truckers more accessible and efficient, but also to have better access to the railway system. “We are going to be building a loop track,” added Burke. “It allows us to be more efficient when loading a train. Along with this, we can hold an entire train off from the main track while it’s being loaded, which prevents back-ups on the track. Once we are done loading our train, it can be directed back onto the main track without holding up other trains.”

With two grain elevators located so closely together, concerns of traffic congestion were raised. “It shouldn’t cause any traffic issues,” responded Burke. “We’re focusing on making the entire process insanely efficient and quick.”

“We hope to see the project finished by the fall of 2021,” said Burke. “The current Billings site will remain open throughout the construction of the Huntley location.


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