Rosendale will keep our communities safe

It is the responsibility of our elected leaders to ensure the safety of the citizens they represent. However, in Democrat-led cities and states, misguided officials have ignored the safety of a majority of their constituents to follow a political agenda. We’ve all seen the results. 

 Matt Rosendale has shown strong leadership, stating unequivocally that he supports Montana law enforcement and that he will stand strong against misguided attempts to abolish or defund police, which would put the public at risk. 

Now more than ever, we need Matt Rosendale in Congress to stand up to radical Democrats who are playing politics with our gun rights, law enforcement—and the safety of all Montanans.

Barbara Anderson, Lavina, Montana

Rosendale is a Fantastic Choice for Montana

Even during unprecedented times, may we never lose sight of the incredible privilege it is to live in the greatest country on earth. Where else are we so free to live, think, speak, learn, work, dream and worship as we see fit? Yet in the words of former President Ronald Reagan “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”; and we, American voters, now hold the baton. We must preserve our liberty and pass it on to future generations. Perhaps like never before, American values are under assault by extreme leftists who unashamedly hate our president, our nation, and all that America represents. This is being exemplified through destructive attempts to eradicate our history, defund our police, and socialize our nation.

In November Montanans will vote to send a new representative to Washington D.C. to serve in Montana’s lone congressional seat. We have the exciting opportunity to send someone who loves Montana and America, someone who will support President Trump, back our law enforcement heroes, stand with our veterans, preserve our second amendment rights, protect our vulnerable citizens, work to lower health care costs, and bring fiscal responsibility to Washington D.C. This individual is Matt Rosendale, an honest, hardworking leader, whom President Trump describes as a “strong conservative fighter”.

America truly is great and exceptional. Patriotic Americans can keep it that way. Please vote for Matt Rosendale!

Hannah Dresser, Stevensville, MT


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