According to the Beer Institute, “Taxes are the single most expensive ingredient in beer, costing more than the labor and raw materials combined.”

Research has shown that approximately 40 percent of the retail price of beer is dedicated toward covering all the applicable taxes.

Tennessee, Alaska, and Hawaii levy the highest beer excise tax rates in the country, while Wyoming, Missouri, and Wisconsin have the lowest rates. Tennessee’s tax is $1.07 per gallon and in Wyoming the tax is 2 cents a gallon.

Montana’s tax is on the low end at 14 cents a gallon, ranking the state 40th.

Meanwhile across the pond in Europe, the EU countries with the highest excise taxes on beer are Finland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

On the lower end, Bulgaria, Germany, Luxembourg, Romania, and Spain levy the lowest rate (EU’s minimum rate of €0.03 per beer bottle).


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