by Evelyn Pyburn

“Because Montanans deserve better.”

That’s the reason that Kyle Austin has started a new business called Pharm406.

As a pharmacist who has served in a number of capacities in hospitals, ambulatory services, and retail settings, Austin saw there is a lot of room for improvement in how pharmacy and other health care services are provided. “We strive to do things better than everybody else,” is the motto of his business which provides a number of services at competitive prices while going the extra distance of providing delivery services and other conveniences that make it easier for their customers.

‘At first I decided to do mobile immunizations and then discovered the former Rocky Mountain Bank location—  1410 38th Street West — and decided there was more I could do.” Although some aspects of the business are already open, a Grand Opening is planned for September 24.

Besides a pharmacy, Pharm406 provides a cryo chamber – -an alternative to pain management, and the services of a chiropractor and of a massage therapist.  They can also do rapid COVID testing with results in 13 minutes, and in November they will be able to provide testing for COVID antibodies.

Pharm406 will also include a walk-in clinic as soon as Austin engages a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. Other services include out-patient hydration therapy, Ketamine Infusions, and potentially other treatments.

And just to inject some fun into the whole process of health care, Austin delivers what may be the ultimate in convenience and enjoyment into the annual tedium of the annual flu immunization with “Get a brew and not the flu.”

At designated times and places customers may get their flu shot and a free beer – and not just in Billings! He’s already held a mobile flue immunization clinic in Red Lodge at the “Bull and Bear Saloon.” And, in Billings it’s been held at the Den with others scheduled throughout the city and still others in such places as Great Falls, Glasgow, Wolf Point, Bozeman, etc. “We bring our immunization equipment and we will bill insurance or collect cash payment and the patient gets a free beer,” explained Austin, “It helps the people who have establishments that have gone through the COVID closures.”

Located in a former bank building with three drive up windows, Pharm406 is probably the only pharmacy in the country with three drive-thru windows, said Austin. No more waiting in a long auto-line to pick up or drop off your prescriptions.

But even picking up prescriptions may be unnecessary, because Pharm406 is providing free delivery service, and not just for Billings, but for the Heights, Lockwood and Laurel. They will deliver free on specific delivery days and if it works out maybe at other times as well. And, they will deliver over- the –counter items, too.

Pharm406 will also “bubble pack” prescriptions, so they come in a packet that contains all the medications that the customer needs to take at one time. Like delivery, that service is also free of charge. Austin said that in the beginning to introduce customers to his business the services will be free and he hopes to be able to continue to provide the services free of charge, but it may become necessary to eventually charge for them, but it remains their goal to still be competitive. “We will match anyone’s prices,” he said.


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