Most consumers plan to fly internationally and are open to air travel, according to a new survey conducted by OAG, a global travel data provider that says it monitors the world’s largest network of schedules and travel status data.

More than 4,000 global users of OAG’s flightview travel app indicated that overall fear levels over catching COVID-19 while flying are tepid, and most consumers are open to air travel.

Of those surveyed, 69 percent said they plan on flying internationally within the next six months; 79 percent have plans to fly domestically.

Airlines and tourism companies can potentially capitalize on this trend, OAG suggests, by prioritizing their efforts around domestic travel, particularly focusing on cities with low transmission rates.

“The coronavirus has devastated the aviation and travel market,” OAG says in the report, “causing consistent and severe capacity cuts week after week. Globally, overall capacity is down nearly 50 million seats or 47 percent.”


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