County Commissioners rejected the request for a zone change by Cherry Creek Estates in the Heights, following extensive testimony from residents opposed to the change, which would have enabled the proposed development of 33 two –family townhomes.

“My strongest opposition is that it would de-value properties,” said Commissioner Don Jones. His motion to deny was seconded by Commissioner John Ostlund, who said he agreed.

Commissioner Denis Pitman said he opposed the request because it would increase density, which would impact transportation and contribute to school overcrowding, and because the developers do not plan to build walking trails.

The request was to change the zoning from “Public” to “R-80”, by Cherry Island, LLC, which is managed by the Jock Clause  family who developed and managed the adjacent development of Cherry Creek Manufactured Home Park in 2001.

Those testifying in opposition said that the earlier development is today a source of much public criticism regarding how it is maintained and managed. It is seen as a source of much crime in the area.


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