Letters to the Editor – Webb

Extreme Kathleen a campaign finance hypocrite

If you’ve ever heard Extreme Kathleen Williams speak, you have heard her decry the influence of outside money in politics, and even claim to lead by example on the issue of campaign finance. Unfortunately, her record shows she fails to practice what she preaches.

Her campaign is being supported by over $2 million in outside money from Nancy Pelosi and national Democrat groups – and is even bankrolling her campaign with money from radical groups who are pushing to defund the police!

While Extreme Kathleen touts the need for campaign finance reform, what she means is forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for her political campaign – to the tune of up to $5 million. She has vocally supported a bill before Congress to do just that.

This is coming from the same person that pays herself a salary from her campaign, lining her own pockets despite telling her campaign contributors that “every dollar donated goes right back to the campaign.”

From scamming her own donors, to wanting to use your tax dollars to fund her political aspirations, to accepting money from the very dark money groups she decries, it is clear Extreme Kathleen isn’t independent—she’s just another self-serving politician.

Representative Peggy Webb

House District 43

Billings, MT

Letter to the Editor – O’Leary

Montana cannot afford

Kathleen Williams

With our economy still reeling from COVID-19 and the ensuing shutdown, it is critical our lone voice in the U.S. House of Representative be someone with a proven record of supporting pro-growth policies that will get our economy moving again and get Montanans back to work. After examining her record, it is clear that is not Kathleen Williams.

Extreme Kathleen is a liberal tax-and-spend politician who thinks she knows how to spend your money better than you do. She supports slapping a massive, new tax on retirement accounts and pension plans and wants to repeal the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, which would mean a tax hike of over $2,200 for the average Montana family.

During her time in the Montana legislature, she had a disastrous record when it came to taxes. Extreme Kathleen voted against 10 major tax cut bills totaling over $1 billion in much needed tax relief for Montanans, even voting against an income tax cut for Montana’s poorest citizens.

Electing Extreme Kathleen to Congress would mean more government and higher taxes for Montana families and small businesses, at a time when we can afford it least. I urge all Montanans to reject her radical agenda.

Brandon O’Leary

Helena, MT

Letter to the Editor – Voigtlander

Williams doesn’t support law enforcement 

At a time when violent attacks against law enforcement are on the rise, our police deserve to know they have the support of our elected leaders. Therefore, it is deeply troubling that despite repeated calls to do so, Extreme Kathleen Williams has refused to say she supports Montana law enforcement.

You see, Extreme Kathleen is bankrolling her campaign with donations from radical groups pushing to defund the police. No wonder as cities across our nation burned and dangerous movements to defund the police began to grow in Helena, Bozeman, and Missoula – she has continued to remain silent.

Radical activists have bought her silence, but make no mistake Extreme Kathleen would vote in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and far-left Democrats to strip funding from our police departments. Her willingness to pander to far-left ideologies is a slap in the face to our police and puts public safety at risk.

Montana law enforcement deserves better. This once again proves why Matt Rosendale is the best choice to represent us in Congress. Matt unabashedly backs the blue, and he has spoken out strongly against these irresponsible efforts to defund police. I encourage all Montanans to join me in supporting Matt Rosendale for Congress. 

Kyle Voigtlander, Bozeman, MT


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