A Bozeman –based company is growing the market demand for a new technology it developed in response to COVID restraints. Alosant is real estate technology that allows better communication between a company and its clients.

The development of Alosant ResX Marketplace was partially funded through the COVID-19 Montana Innovation Grant, which the company received for its work on a branded app for the Cannery District in Bozeman. According to Cannery District Partner Barry Brown, “The Marketplace feature is a unique solution that has given our 60-plus businesses increased visibility and a direct line of communication to customers.” 

 While Alosant ResX has more than a 90 percent  adoption rate among 40-plus communities and successfully connects people with places,  the Marketplace feature takes engagement even further by digitally connecting local businesses directly with community residents through a dedicated page featuring a description of services, contact information, location details, images, links to websites and social pages and a “follow” button. 

CEO and co-founder April LaMon used her 25 years of C-suite experience to establish Alosant as a leader in the PropTech industry and says the “Alosant ResX Marketplace represents the ideal next step in our mission to create a unified residential experience, all in one place.”


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