Dig it Days has some really big news for this year’s event, after having to cancel last year because of COVID restrictions.

The second annual Dig it Days will be a two-day special event at  Montana Fair, on Thursday and Friday, August 19 and 20 – and it will feature a monster, monster truck sponsored by Westmoreland Coal Company.

The first Dig it Days was held in 2019 in Lockwood.

Of course there will be lots and lots of other trucks and construction equipment, and emergency service vehicles, for kids to check out, inspect and “test drive.” There will also be the very popular Sand Mountain and other fun displays. Kids (big ones as well as younger ones) will also be able to operate a back hoe, for real!

Yellowstone Dig It Days is a fun, educational, and wholesome family entertainment event, the production of Yellowstone Family, a tax-exempt non-profit organization. It is made possible by a host of sponsors who not only help fund it but also provide the equipment, operators, and additional displays.

More so than ever before, Dig It Days will focus on education and educational opportunities as the sponsors emphasize the potential for careers in the constructing and contractor industry. Part of the funds raised will finance scholarships for students interested in pursuing such careers, as well as to support other youth organizations. So besides the return of some of the same local companies that were involved before, The Montana Contractors Association, Montana Equipment Dealers Association and Build Montana campaign are eager to participate in Dig It Days, as a means of introducing young people to their industry.

Entry to Dig it Days is included in the Montana Fair entry, and many free tickets will be available through sponsors so stay tuned for details. Free t-shirts will be distributed to kids until they are gone.


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