Dear Editor,

In the February 22, 2022, Commissioner meeting, Commissioner Pitman raised a stack of papers and reports which he claimed showed they had been working on MetraPark management since 2010 contradicting Commissioner Jones and his previous narrative that the private vs. county management discussion started with the November 1, 2021, meeting.  Which is correct?

Commissioners Pitman and Commissioner Jones also discussed “MetraPark Questions Regarding MetraPark Management.” They addressed 16 questions, out of 27, submitted by Commissioner Ostlund. Commissioner Pitman and Commissioner Jones said these questions had already been answered and most of them would be addressed as part of negotiations during contract talks. Commissioner Ostlund pushed the idea of Commissioners setting goals and objectives before the bidding process and received no support. Commission Pitman and Commission Jones stated the recent Venue Solution Group (VSG) report said MetraPark needed a Policy and Procedures Handbook which would contain goals and objectives. Commissioner Pitman and Commissioner Jones said Oak View Group (OVG) a bidder, will design the Policy and Procedures with stated goals and objectives. So, goals and objectives are to be set by a third party vs. Commissioners?

Commissioner Pitman went further and defended the existing ‘Booking Arrangement’ with OVG even though it hurts taxpayers by allowing OVG to receive $50,000 based on Metra’s overall financial performance even if they provide no services. Commissioner Pitman stated it is a “good contract”.

Responding to public pressure, all three Commissioners voted ‘aye’ in discussion to hiring VSG to facilitate an agreement with any potential privatization bid. Commissioners also passed a motion to ‘Request for Qualifications & Information for MetraPark Campus Management Services’ (rebid for privatize management services).

Kim Rolfsen

1633 Main Street

Billings MT 59105


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