Nikki Dolan has been named the Food Insecurity Program Coordinator for the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools (EFBPS). Dolan takes the newly created position to lead the BackPack Meals, Teen Pantry and Elementary Pantry programs that operate for Billings Public Schools students in need. Dolan started the position in August 2022, training with Dr. Ginny Mermel who started the food programs in 2007. Mermel ran the programs under the Foundation to benefit BPS students as a dedicated volunteer for 15 years. Upon her retirement, the Education Foundation created the Food Insecurity Program Coordinator position. Dolan has a degree in Business Administration/Marketing from the University of Montana. Her previous experience is working as the Special Events Coordinator at Billings Clinic and as an Account Executive at an Advertising Firm. “We’re thrilled to have Nikki on staff to lead these programs,” shared Kelly McCandless, Executive Director for EFBPS. “She has tremendous passion for ensuring the kids in our District facing food insecurity receive the nutritional support they need.” The EFBPS Food Insecurity Programs are currently responsible for feeding approximately 700 students each week. The program demand has grown significantly over the last two years, and the addition of a staff position to manage the programs is critical to the continued ability to care for students in need. “There are passionate people at every level of Billings Public Schools attending to needs far beyond academics for students,” explained Dolan. “I’m thrilled to be part of programs offering stability and certainty for kids who would otherwise face hunger.”


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