An interior remodel of The Squire Lounge & Casino, on Broadwater Avenue has been completed and is introducing a new food concept – – Topless Tacos.

A complete make-over of the lounge area features a vintage neon sign that was part of Steve Henry’s collection of vintage signs. Henry offered Squire owners, Reid and Shawna Pyburn, the sign for their use in remodeling. They quickly seized the opportunity and its bright light now illuminates the bar area and sets the ambiance for the entire lounge, which has been redesigned offering plush seating, stage area, and the new food concept, Topless Tacos.

Topless Tacos will be served throughout the day at the Squire, from opening with breakfast tacos through to closing with a choice of beef or chicken dishes – all of which are served without embellishment and the patron may add their favorite toppings from an array of choices in a buffet of popular garnishes.

Also the Squire’s limited menu includes nachos and taco salad which guests may also top with their favorite garnishes.

According to the Pyburns, the Squire’s traditional and popular Thursday Steak night will resume on April 20 when the patio opens. Steak Night was instituted by former owners Paul “Pauly” DeVerniero and Jeff Flatness who bought the business in 2011 from Larry McGrill.

Reid and Shawna Pyburn, who also own the High Horse Saloon & Eatery, purchased The Squire Lounge & Casino, almost a year ago.

The Squire Lounge and Casino is one of Billings’ legacy businesses. It had its roots in downtown Billings near 3320 1st Avenue North, long before 1973, (perhaps about 1960) owned by Frank Lambrecht. His sons, Jack and Al, relocated the business with a new building at 1525 Broadwater. DeVeniero said he was a bartender at The Squire from 1976 to 1981. Larry McGrill purchased the business from the Lambrechts in 1990.

Exactly when the Squire was started as a business has been lost to antiquity. It is estimated to be about 70-plus years old.


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