By Michael Marino, Yellowstone County News & Adea Sanders, graduate of the University of Montana

R.L. Schaff Concrete Construction in Shepherd changed ownership after nearly 44 years in business off Chicago Rd. As of May 1, they are now Solid Concrete. New local investors have taken over the company and are highly interested in serving the community with a much needed service; and – they’re hiring.

Jordan Hold, the new General Manager, said he was approached by the local investors who acquired the business, and asked to help take on the opportunity. With a background in construction, he and his wife, a realtor, were happy to take on the business and give back to his community alongside their local rental properties.

 Office Manager, Jenelle Donnes expressed the importance of local outreach, saying, “We’ve already been approached for a little donation at the school, so we’re excited to do that.”

Reaching customers in Shepherd, Huntley and Billings is a major focus for Solid Concrete as they provide ready-mixed concrete for local construction, as well as precast products such as speed bumps and septic tanks. They source all their materials locally from the Billings and surrounding areas. 


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