The MSUB College of Business and ISPGAYA University in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal have partnered for the Spring 2024 semester to facilitate collaboration between faculty and students. Working in cross-cultural teams, students will work with Owen Haacke, Owner of Empress Brokers International to create an international business plan for the company. 

In February, students from both countries will work together remotely on the initial phases of the plan. In March, MSUB students will meet with their teams in Portugal for a week. To conclude the collaboration, the ISPGAYA students will travel to Montana in April to give their final presentations. 

Dr. Jessie Perius, Assistant Professor and instructor for the course says, “This collaboration will help our students further develop their digital and soft skills as they work in multicultural cross-disciplinary teams. Plus, the opportunity to experience a new culture and make professional connections will provide them with valuable life experience I can’t give them in a classroom.”


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