Cogburn Holdings LLC/ Dick Anderson Construction, 6767 Tun Tavern Rd, Com Remodel, $4,000,000

Billings Logistics Center One LLC/ Bauer Construction, 3218 S Frontage Rd, Com Remodel, $320,000

Billing Real Estate Holdings LLC /Intermountain Wind and Solar LLC, 600 S 27th St, Com Remodel, $384,087

Homefront/ Safetech, Inc,  511 N 26th St, Demolition Permit Commercial, $17,845

Fitness Properties LLC/ Donahue Roofing & Siding LLC, 777 15th St W, Com Fence/Roof/Siding $155,753

Charter Communications Inc, 1860 Monad Rd, Com Remodel, $765,000

Black Hills Federal Credit Union/ Langlas & Assoc., Inc,.4002 Montana Sapphire Dr, Com Remodel, $15,000

Lana M Craig Trust/ J & T Roofing LLC, 920 Central Ave, Com Fence/Roof/Siding ,$36,000

236 N 9th St Trust /Neumann Construction, 50 24th St W, Com New Restaurant/Casino/Bar, $800,000

Edward E & Doris L Jones Trust/ Burnett Enterprises LLC, 1032 N 29th St, Com Remodel, $174,550

Black Hills Federal Credit Union/Langlas & Assoc., Inc., 4002 Montana Sapphire Dr, Com Remodel, $660,000

Darcey Frewin/ Carter Construction, 300 S 24th St W Com Remodel $50,000


Comstock, Anthony & Suzette /S Bar S Supply Contractor, 144 Monroe St, Res New Accessory, $20,000

Infinity Home LLC/ Infinity Home LLC, 509 Montecito Ave, Res New Single Family, $237,729

Buscher Construction/ Buscher Construction Ltd, 3129 Falcon Cir, Res New Single Family, $420,000

Infinity Homes/ Infinity Home LLC, 953 Ortega St, Res New Single Family, $247,609

Schott/ Mueller Contracting, 3035 Donegal Ct, Res New Single Family, $325,460

Na /Infinity Home LLC, 503 Montecito Ave, Res New Single Family, $244,996

John Haman/ HD Building Inc, 1410 Anchor Ave, Res New Single Family, $234,889

Trails West Homes LLC/ Trails West Homes LLC, 5733 Bear Track Trl, Res New Single Family, $227,838

Dirk Arnold Construction/ Dirk Arnold Construction, 1312 Emma Ave, Res New Single Family $340,000


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