VACOM, a German manufacturing company, is planning to establish its United States headquarters in Lewistown, Montana! VACOM is a producer of vacuum mechanics, electrical feedthroughs, vacuum measurement technology, vacuum optics, and cleaning technology. The company provides customers from throughout the world with precise vacuum technology for applications in research and industry – components that are provide perfect cleanliness for demanding high-end applications.

The company plans to invest an estimated $90 million in a new facility that will create up to 500 good-paying Montana jobs by 2029.

At a press conference on December 17 at the Yogo Inn in Lewistown, Gov. Greg Gianforte welcomed Jens Bergner, CEO of VACOM, saying, “Our state is made stronger when companies like VACOM choose to do business in Montana, providing our kids and grandkids the opportunity to thrive in a good-paying job, and raise their family in the community they love.”

“We are very looking forward to working together with Montanans,” said Bergner. “They are a great people!”

VACOM announced plans to open a 40,000 square foot production facility in Lewistown, located near the Lewistown Airport, which will serve as its American headquarters. The campus will include a daycare for employees’ children and an educational center to upskill employees.

VACOM plans to invest $20 million in the buildings and $15 million in equipment and technology for the first phase. They expect to ramp up to 100 employees by 2026 and 200 by 2027. The phases will give time to train and educate the people about the company’s vacuum technology.

Further investment by VACOM in Montana is possible, according to Bergner. They hope to invest another $50 million, eventually and add another 500 employees.

VACOM is also working on a smaller project, called Big Spring, that will launch sooner, with another $6 million and 30 employees.

Founded in 1992 in Germany, VACOM is an owner-managed family business and currently employs around 400 employees.


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