Metra Park has launched a reorganization of its administration structure, one that disperses more authority to department heads rather than having it concentrated under the general manager.

Manager Stoney Field introduced the plan to the Metra Park Advisory Board, explaining that it must still be approved by Yellowstone County Commissioners who oversee the operation of the county-owned facility.

Field said that the current organizational structure of MetraPark has been built incrementally over the past fifty years in response to the personnel available and the needs of the moment. “This has created inefficiencies,” he said. The new structure has made adjustments “to better position us to get the most out of our team.”

The changes do not increase the number of employees at MetraPark. It has allowed the reduction of over time employees which saves money and allows the addition of three exempt employees which keeps the total much the same at 41, explained Field.

The changes establish a full time Montana Fair Coordinator, who will function under the direction of the Production Director, who also has direct responsibility for the Events Manager, Event crew foreman, and 12 member event crew. The Production Director is responsible for the fiscal and logistical efficiency in the production of all shows and events that occur at MetraPark.

The Events Manager reports to and works with the Director of Client Services to ensure efficient and cost-effective event production and coordination.

The Fair Coordinator will provide consistent yearlong planning and deadlines for MontanaFair and reports to the Production Manager.

A permanent part-time Administrative Coordinator will provide the clerical help for the Production Department to ensure adherence to deadlines and efficient coordination with other departments and clients.

The Director of the Facilities Department is responsible for the Event Maintenance Foreman, the Building Engineer and Assistant Building Engineer, two dedicated Maintenance Crew, and two Custodian Housekeepers. The director is responsible for the physical plant and upkeep, both on buildings, equipment and the grounds for the entire campus.


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