Helixx Technologies has begun taking registrations in Southeast Asia for its electric car and van subscription service and some observers are calling it the end of automobile ownership – and they are excited about it. They are calling it “a fascinating roll-out of what appears to be a thoroughly excellent and potentially VERY disruptive idea.”

They point out perceived advantages such as if your car stops or is in an accident, there’s an instant replacement available. “The car is immediately replaced like-for-like and commercial activity resumes post haste,” states a report in New Atlas. Helixx Technologies has four models which are ready to race to their subscribers’ rescue. The subscription rate is $0.25 per hour, which covers everything except electricity.

The report says that while the automobile industry has served the US well – not so much many other countries in the world. “In America, only 8% of households don’t have a car. There are 50 countries in the world where only 8% of households DO have a car, and where it is still an aspirational dream to have the freedom that powered personal mobility brings,” states the report.

The article further states, “…Helixx’s business model could bring disruptive innovation to one of the world’s largest industries and how that might have dire consequences across the broader economic landscape … by achieving its intended purpose of empowering under-privileged communities access to greater mobility.

Helixx is in the process of building a production facility in Singapore which is expected to begin full production in 2025.


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