Science News reports that ice walls along the outer edge of coastal glaciers help protect inland ice from warm ocean currents.

The report says that “… while Antarctica’s coastal glaciers have experienced accelerating melt rates over the last few decades, the continent’s interior ice remains relatively stable.”

This stability isn’t well understood.

Using data collected by an array of instruments deployed along the coast of the Getz glacier in West Antarctica, scientists at the University of Gothenburg, in Sweden, were able to gain new insights into the influence of warm ocean currents on the continent’s ice shelves.

The research … showed the walls at the edge of ice shelves are surprisingly effective at protecting inland ice from warm water.

The Getz glacier has a floating section measuring several hundred feet thick. ..The end of this floating section features a vertical edge that plunges roughly 1,000 to 1,300 feet beneath the ocean surface… the new data showed most of the warm ocean currents are blocked by the vertical edge.


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ONEOK, Inc. announced a decrease in its 2020 growth capital expenditure plans due to the current commodity price environment. ONEOK, which operates in the Williston Basin and Montana, now expects capital-growth expenditures in the range of $1.60 billion to $2.40 billion with a midpoint of $2.0 billion, a decrease of approximately $500 million compared with the previously announced midpoint.

The changes include suspending plans for the expansion of the company’s natural gas processing facility in the Williston Basin and the reduction of plans to expand the Elk Creek Pipeline. They will also suspend plans for the expansion of the West Texas LPG pipeline in the Permian Basin.

The company said that it has the capacity to quickly resume these suspended capital-growth projects should economic conditions change.

This updated range provides ONEOK with the flexibility to adjust to market fluctuations.

“Given the significant inventory of flared natural gas in the Williston Basin and fully contracted growth in the Permian Basin, and factoring in the current commodity price environment and assumed rig reductions, we expect our 2020 results to be within our previously announced guidance ranges,” said Terry K. Spencer, ONEOK president and chief executive officer.

“Break-even prices for our well-capitalized producer customers have improved significantly over the last several years, which gives us the confidence that the Williston Basin is expected to remain a competitive producing region through this volatile and uncertain commodity price environment,” continued Spencer. “The potential for ethane recovery to meet downstream pipeline BTU specifications also provides a tailwind to our natural gas liquids volume expectations.”

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ONEOK, Inc. is a leading midstream service provider and owner of one of the nation’s premier natural gas liquids (NGL) systems, connecting NGL supply in the Rocky Mountain, Mid-Continent and Permian regions with key market centers and an extensive network of natural gas gathering, processing, storage and transportation assets.

Allegiant announced a new nonstop route to San Diego International Airport (SAN) from Billings Logan International Airport (BIL) beginning June 4, 2020.

“We’re excited to expand the number of routes we serve from Billings,” said Drew Wells, Allegiant vice president of planning and revenue. “With summer right around the corner, we are certain that area travelers will appreciate having convenient, nonstop flights to sunny Southern California.”

The new seasonal route via Billings Logan International Airport (BIL) will operate twice weekly.

“Direct service between Billings and San Diego this summer on Allegiant is a great opportunity for both communities,” said Kevin Ploehn, director of the Billings Logan International Airport. “This direct service into southern California will provide locals with vacation options that are outstanding. For Southern California visitors wanting to come to Montana, Billings offers fantastic vacation opportunities as well, especially to Yellowstone Park over the Beartooth Highway, considered by many to be the most scenic drive in America. Thank you Allegiant Air.”

Flight days, times and the lowest fares can be found at To celebrate, the company is offering one-way fares on the new route as low as $59.

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