Two beloved Montana brands are coming together to crack open a cold one in the great outdoors. Billings-based Kampgrounds of America, Inc. and Sidney-based Meadowlark Brewing announce the launch of their handcrafted collaborative microbrew, the Happy Camper IPA, available for purchase now at select retail stores and KOA campgrounds.

“Meadowlark Brewing shares many of the ideals central to our brand,” says Toby O’Rourke, president and CEO of Kampgrounds of America, Inc. “Whether at home or on the campground, there are connections to be made with good friends and good microbrews. After meeting Travis and realizing our mutual commitment to facilitating connections between people and the outdoors, creating Happy Camper IPA was a natural outcome.”

Happy Camper IPA is a hoppy India Pale Ale with citrusy and earthy notes brewed and canned in Billings. The outdoors inspires the double-sided label design. One side of the can showcases a tent and campfire, and the other an RV parked by the river which reflects the spirit of outdoor adventure and aligns with both brands’ values.

“I’m a Montana native, so KOA is a cultural touchstone for me,” says Travis Peterson, owner of Meadowlark Brewing. “It’s an honor to collaborate with a hometown brand that’s been bringing people together for over 60 years. I’m excited about this collaboration and ready to get Happy Camper IPA in the hands of some happy campers.”

Campers and beer enthusiasts can purchase the Happy Camper IPA at Meadowlark Brewing locations in Sidney and Billings and select KOA campgrounds and retail locations throughout Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas, with plans for expansion into other markets. 

The state of labor in Montana is pretty good, unless you are in need of workers. They are hard to find as almost every business in the state is well aware.

Montana’s total Labor Force is 563,898 people employed. The number of people not employed is estimated at 14,196. The state’s unemployment rate remained below 3% in July, marking the 21st consecutive month the rate has been below 3%.

Employment grew in July in Montana by 2,448. Since the beginning of the year the state has added 7,500 new jobs.  Since January 2021, nearly 40,000 jobs have been created and  the state’s unemployment rate has dropped from 4% to 2.5%, and the number of unemployed Montanans has fallen by more than 34%.

The Headwaters Technology Hub, a broad regional consortium of private, public, and academic partners led by the Montana Chamber of Commerce, Montana Department of Commerce, and the Montana University System submitted a Phase I application on August 15 in pursuit of the U.S. Department of Commerce and Economic Development Administration’s Regional Technology and Innovation Hubs competition, as part of the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022.

 The Headwaters Technology Hub seeks one of at least 20 Tech Hub designations nationally, and separately a strategy development grant. Funds come from the $500 million FY2023 Congressional appropriation to launch the program. This investment focuses on strengthening our national defense, critical resource management (including water, agriculture, and mining), industrial equipment and construction processes, infrastructure development, and natural disaster mitigation.

“The Montana Chamber serves as the bridge between local innovation and national technological advancement by fostering collaboration and creating opportunities between our businesses, government agencies and research institutions,” said Todd O’Hair, President & CEO of the Montana Chamber of Commerce. “Our deep understanding of the state’s economic landscapes uniquely positions us to champion this initiative to drive growth, job creation, and technological leadership, and to propel the nation towards a more resilient and competitive future, with our region leading the way.”

The Lockwood Pedestrian Safety District was recently informed that the district has been awarded   a grant for Alternative Transportation from the Montana Department of Transportation for $1,039,000 to complete the sidewalk along Old Hardin Road. Building a side walk the length of Old Hardin Road has been a goal of the district since it was first established in 2014.

Woody Woods, who heads the Lockwood Pedestrian Safety District, said the grant will be used to finish a new section of sidewalk on Old Hardin Road from Woodland Ave. to the new sidewalk that is a part of the Johnson Lane Interchange Project at Ryken Circle. Engineering selection will start later this year with design in the spring of 2024, and hopefully construction later in 2024.

Woods reported that construction of a segment of another segment of Old Hardin Road, from Piccolo to Woodland, which has been in progress this summer, is nearing completion.

A recent report from the National Park Service (NPS) shows that approximately 2.9 million visitors to Glacier National Park in 2022 spent an estimated $368 million in communities near the park. That spending supported 5,690 jobs in the local area. Overall, the figures show the total benefit to the local economy including secondary businesses tallied up to $548 million.

Both national parks have probably foregone potential visitors from other countries over the past couple years because many foreign travelers are giving the US a wide berth due to reported violence, long waits for visas and geo politics, according to Forbes. The magazine said that the US has been losing $20 billion a year in tourism dollars.

There was a 68 percent drop in visitors from China, for whom the two national parks have always been a popular destination. That could change somewhat, now, since China recently lifted their restrictions on on group travel to the US. It was estimated that normally 3 million visitors come to the US every year.

FEMA announced that federal disaster assistance has been made available to the state of Montana to supplement recovery efforts in the areas affected by flooding April 10-26, 2023.

Public assistance federal funding is available to the state, tribal and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for emergency work and the repair or replacement of facilities damaged by flooding in Blaine, Daniels, Hill, Park, Roosevelt, Sheridan and Valley counties and the Fort Peck Tribes.          

Federal funding is also available on a cost-sharing basis for hazard mitigation measures statewide.

Jon K. Huss has been named Federal Coordinating Officer for federal recovery operations in the affected areas. Additional designations may be made at a later date if requested by the state and warranted by the results of further assessments

Dig It Days, which was held the last two days of MontanaFair, had the best turnout ever in its four-year history. A long line of children with parents and grandparents wound far out into the middle of the fairgrounds as they waited for gates to open. As they began to make their way past the entry table to get t-shirts and “hard hats,” one little boy, looked up and proudly proclaimed, “I am going to be a worker!”

He got it.

To introduce youngsters and oldsters, alike, to the construction industry is part of the purpose of Dig It Days, but more important it’s about having fun – and every kid got that, as did the adults. One grandfatherly looking man, as he walked out said, “It was wonderful to see the smiles on their faces.”

With a record number of sponsors – 34 of them – Dig It Days had more amazing displays and things for kids to do than ever before. It is the sponsors – the equipment dealers, contractors, and other related businesses that bring the equipment, staff the booths, and orchestrate activities, as well as fund all the costs, so that kids can climb on, pretend to operate, and learn about all kinds of big machines. They also get to operate the backhoes and excavators, and dig in Sand Mountain for the sheer joy of it, as well as hope to win prizes. Kids had an opportunity to operate metal detectors to find coins, and inspect the county sheriff’s helicopter, and mix up some concrete to make their own stepping stone. It was all hands on.

As the construction industry struggles with labor shortages, an event like Dig It Days brings back a connection with the public, which seems to have been lost over the recent past, about the importance of the industry and the amazing innovations that have evolved that make it a challenging, cutting edge and rewarding career option. It is that connection that industry leaders are trying to re-establish, not just with the young but with their parents and grandparents as well. Funds generated from Dig It Days go into a scholarship fund administered by the Montana Contractors Association.

Johnathan McNiven, owner of Yellowstone County News and President of Yellowstone Family Foundation which organizes the event, said he was blown away by the increase in sponsors this year. And, as he sought out participation, he encountered others who were enthusiastic and promised they would be there next year, promising continued growth.

Assistant MetraPark Manager Tim Goodridge, reported that except for the very hot days, MontanaFair was a very successful event this year and Dig It Days was a part of that. Goodridge was very impressed at the number of kids he saw at Dig It Days, which he said he is very glad to have as part of the fair. “It is legitimate and it is fun,” said Goodridge, adding that he was surprised at all the equipment but even more so about how many kids could actually get on Sand Mountain. He added he was grateful for Yellowstone Family and for all the implement dealers and contractors who make the event happen.

At the same time, it must be acknowledged that Dig It Days has benefitted greatly in being invited to be part of MontanaFair. As the state’s biggest annual event, MontanaFair quickly put Dig It Days on the calendar for lots of people, throughout the state.

One visitor to Dig It Days this year actually attended the very first Dig it Days in 2019. Sarah Swanson, who was recently appointed as the new commissioner of the Montana Department of Labor and Industry by Governor Greg Gianforte, just happened to have checked out the very first Dig It Days, that was held on a windy day in Lockwood.

Swanson was impressed with how the event has grown, saying it does a great job of connecting young people with the professionals in the construction industry. “It gives young people a chance to see themselves in these rolls.”

Swanson, who has long played a role in the construction industry, underscored that the construction sector is not just an important business sector for the state but a leading one. In both 2021 and 2022, Montana added construction workers at the fastest rate of any state in the nation (12.7% growth year-over-year in 2022). As of January, there were 39,000 construction workers statewide.

Construction employment grew the fastest among industries in 2022, averaging 8.3% job growth. The construction industry added over 2,000 jobs in 2021 and 2022, more than doubling the industry’s pre-pandemic trend.

The demand for construction workers significantly drove wage gains in 2022. Construction worker wages grew by 1.5% on an inflation-adjusted basis over the last year. Construction was one of only two industries to experience positive real wage gains in 2022, alongside the business services industry.

Looking forward, the Montana Department of Labor and Industry projects over 1,000 new job openings per year in construction through 2032 – the most of any industry in the state. Employment in construction is estimated to grow by 2.6% annually.

The Department of Labor and Industry also has programs aimed at helping students connect with potential career opportunities and employers, such as Engagement Teams that partner with community colleges and other educational professionals to overcome obstacles in establishing programs that develop specific industry skills such as welders or electricians.

The department also offers the Montana’s Registered Apprenticeship Program.

Another program “Jobs for Montana Graduates,” is available to help students find a job within a year of graduation. Since 1995 the program has assisted 26,500 students get jobs.

The department will also provide free training for students to get their OSHA pin which is a required credential for any entry level job in construction which trains for safe work practices. Not having the OSHA pin certification can be a barrier to employment.

Researchers in Australia have found that concrete can be made 30 percent stronger by replacing a percentage of sand with spent coffee grounds. Research is continuing at the RMIT University, but if the findings hold true it would be a win, win, win all the way around.

Almost all spent coffee grounds wind up in landfills as organic waste product, generated at the rate of 60 million tons a year. So besides creating value for a worthless waste, it will reduce the need for landfill space, and reduce the use of sand which is an increasingly expensive, dwindling natural resource —further contributing “to a greener circular economy approach to construction.”  The construction industry uses 40 to 50 billion tons of sand and gravel each year.

Due to their fine particle size, researchers found that SCG (spent coffee grounds) that of all the concrete composites they tested, the one that replaced 15 percent  of sand with SCG pyrolyzed at 350 °C (662 °F) led to a significant improvement in its material properties, resulting in a 29.3 percent enhancement in compressive strength.

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