• Montana in Recession - Two Years for Recovery

    Without a doubt Montana is in a recession – “one more severe than anything Montana has experience since World War II,” says Pat Barkey, Director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Montana. The recession is the consequences of business closures and economic shutdowns that has Read More
  • Empty Meat Counters will Trigger Changes to Beef Market

    Empty Meat Counters will Trigger Changes to Beef Market The impact of the disruption of our economy with the business shutdowns across the nation, due to the COVID-19 crisis, is yet to be understood and will be full of surprises. But one thing is certain, impacting as it is two of Montana’s basic industries – travel/tourism and agriculture – Montanans are Read More
  • Company Offers Possible Solution for Colstrip Waste, New Opportunities

    Company Offers Possible Solution for Colstrip Waste, New Opportunities Could it be that a new technology that utilizes a waste material of Colstrip power plants — coal ash— can build the foundation (perhaps quite literally) of a new economy for Colstrip? Read More
  • Andrew Glynn is Feeling Proud.

    May 8 at 8:59 pm Chef's log day eleventy four, day 5 post quarantine. Parking lot is full, guests are dining 6' apart, social distancing is being adhered to, my dining room is full, and the take away meals keep on coming. 45 days of plating in styrofoam boxes and Read More
  • Every Day Matters

    Every Day Matters Small Employers are in Crisis with Half Saying They’ll Have to Shut Down in Less than 2 Months Without Help The National Federation of Independent Business Research Center’s latest survey on the current impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on small business shows continued deterioration of the small business sector. At Read More
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  • County Gets Grant for Cyber Security

    Yellowstone County’s Disaster & Emergency Services Coordinator K. C. Williams has received a letter from the Department of Military Affairs for Montana announcing that his application for a grant to improve cyber security for Yellowstone County has been approved. Read More
  • Transit: The Urban Parasite

    The costs of supporting the nation’s urban transit industry are rising, yet ridership is declining, according data from the Federal Transit Administration. In 2018 transit ridership fell in 40 of the nation’s top 50 urban areas, and, over the past five years ridership has fallen in 44 of those 50 Read More
  • SBA on New PPP Funds

      Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration Jovita Carranza and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin issued the following statement on the resumption of the Payroll Protection Program (PPP): Read More
  • Re-open in Phases

    Starting Monday, April 28, stay-at -home restrictions regarding COVID-19 were somewhat lifted, by Governor Steve Bullock, ending a month-long closure of most Montana businesses. Read More
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  • Real Estate Surprisingly Hot

    Real Estate Surprisingly Hot Having to stay at home doesn’t seem to be dampening residential home sales, but it is still a bit early to know for sure how the economic shutdown, to curb the spread of the coronavirus, is impacting real estate. Boosts in sales for April may very well be a residual Read More
  • Montana Fair Must Go On!

    Montana Fair Must Go On! Finding hand sanitizer by the drum is a primary necessity in planning a fair during a coronavirus crisis. Read More
  • Space 2 Place, Opportunity to Enhance Community

      Is there a corner in your neighborhood that needs sprucing up? A space along your street that could be more attractive and welcoming to the public? Do you have an idea about what is needed but just need some help in funding it? Then “Space 2 Place” is an Read More
  • Lockwood, Where Billings Goes to Work

    Lockwood, Where Billings Goes to Work Why should we care what happens in Lockwood? a former Billings city council member questioned, some time ago, regarding the same issue that is currently at the fore —  a sewage treatment service agreement between the Lockwood Water and Sewer District and the City of Billings. Have you ever seen Read More
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  • There are Worse Things

    There are Worse Things

    Watch closely.

    More quickly and more fervently than one could have imagined, the would-be authoritarian despots have emerged with a boldness and gall that must leave onlookers stunned.

    Be aware that they are the face of socialism.

    Read More
  • A Matter of Life & Death

    A Matter of Life & Death

    The one thing the coronavirus crisis has surely demonstrated is how many people have no understanding about the economy and no respect for the role it plays in our lives – no respect for those who make it work. We are very much reaping the disaster of generations of limited economic education and the consequences lay before us.

    Let’s make clear that the economy is not the stock market, ledgers, accounting schedules or a bunch of data points. The economy is PEOPLE LIVING THEIR LIVES.

    Read More
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A key measure of U.S. consumer prices declined in April by the most on record as travel and...
Wednesday, May 20, 2020
The airlines that operate at the Billings Logan International Airport began requiring that all...
Tuesday, May 19, 2020
The North Dakota State Fair in Minot, North Dakota has been cancelled due to the COVID 19 crisis....