• Money Magazine: Billings Best Place to Live

    Billings is the best city to live in in Montana, according to an announcement recently by MONEY Magazine.  Read More
  • Voters Name Legislative Priorities in Survey

    According to the 2018 Business Base (B-Base) poll, Montana voters’ priorities for the next legislative session include improving access to healthcare, controlling government spending and increasing education funding. The poll is annually commissioned by the Montana Chamber of Commerce. Read More
  • Organic Farmers Plagued with Weeds

    Organic Farmers Plagued with Weeds Organic food farmers are confronting weeds as their biggest problem — the same weeds which prompted their earlier counterparts to resort to herbicides. But help may be on the way. Researchers at Montana State University are leading a collaborative grant across the four-state Northern Great Plains and Pacific Northwest regions with Read More
  • Celebrate Safely at the office Christmas Party

    Celebrate Safely at the office Christmas Party   Keep celebrations safe this holiday season by watching out for two problem areas – drunk driving and harassment – advises NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center. Drunk Driving An increasing number of states require employers to exercise reasonable care to prevent injuries by intoxicated employees leaving holiday parties. To minimize the risk Read More
  • Thieves Costs Millions of Dollars in Losses; Legislation Needs Changing

    Thieves Costs Millions of Dollars in Losses; Legislation Needs Changing   Brad Griffin, President of the Montana Retail Association, said he was astounded a couple of years ago when one of his members, the manager of one of the largest “box stores” in Billings, told him that they had just suffered, in one month, $800,000 in losses from what is Read More
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Market Update

  • MSLF Urges Overruling of District Court Regarding Delisting Grizzlies

       Mountain States Legal Foundation filed an appeal, urging the Ninth Circuit to overrule the District Court in Montana and to return management of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzly bear to state and local wildlife management authorities.  Read More
  • Heritage Foundation Analyzes Tax Cuts

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been one of the strongest and boldest reforms of President Donald Trump’s first term in office. According to analysis from The Heritage Foundation, the tax law will give hardworking Americans tax breaks in every congressional district and in every state. Read More
  • EPA’s New Clean Water Rule Positive Step Forward for Manufacturers

      Manufacturers welcomed the release this week of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed new Clean Water Rule, which would provide long overdue clarity to water protections. Read More
  • Economic Outlook Seminar 2019

    The 2019 Economic Outlook Seminar, annually presented by the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Montana, will be held in Billings on February 5, 8 am – 1 pm at the Doubletree Hotel. Read More
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  • Scheveck & Salminen Law Firm -- “Montanans Representing Montanans”

    Scheveck & Salminen Law Firm -- “Montanans Representing Montanans” Meet three partners, best friends and brothers, form Scheveck & Salminen Law Firm, located on Billings’ restoring yet rustic Montana Avenue. Placed in Billings’ newly renovated industrial office space, the old Sawyer Stores Building.  Read More
  • Plans Made for Lockwood Town Center - Uptown Lockwood!

    Plans Made for Lockwood Town Center - Uptown Lockwood! A group of property owners are in the process of planning a segment along Johnson Lane, to be part of a future town center for Lockwood. Read More
  • Businesses Asked to Help in Making Downtown Safer

    It was surely more than 200 and maybe 300 people who packed the ballroom of the Northern Hotel last week to hear what civic leaders in Billings had to say about the problem of homeless people, panhandlers, and vagrants on the city streets. Billings Mayor Bill Cole underscored that the Read More
  • City of Billings Asked to Support USS Billings

    City of Billings Asked to Support USS Billings     It’s a big deal! It’s a REALLY big deal! To have a US Navy combat ship named after your city is a really big deal! Read More
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  • Why Government Grows

    Why Government Grows



    Your tax dollars at work.

    Anyone standing for limited government and who believes that power should be retained to the individual citizen, has long recognized that over time their efforts have trended toward failure. One of the reasons – in fact, probably the primary reason – is because taxpayers must fund both sides of every political skirmish or campaign regarding ballot issues or legislative proposals, which incrementally increase the power of government.

    Read More
  • Why They Come by Evelyn Pyburn

    Why They Come by Evelyn Pyburn

    As foreigners from many different countries clamor at our gates demanding – not asking – to be let in, we are subjected to news reports which claim that these people are trying to escape intolerable conditions in their own countries, and “a lot of it is provoked by policies of the United States!”

    Read More
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