The Montana High Tech Business Alliance has announced a list of eight Montana High-Growth Companies to Watch in 2019. This is the third year the organization has recognized emerging stars in Montana’s booming tech and manufacturing industries.

The eight new companies on this year’s list bolster the narrative of the flourishing tech industry in Montana. A 2019 survey conducted by the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research found Alliance member companies are growing faster than ever – 9 times the overall Montana economy – and expect to add 1,700 new jobs this year that pay twice the median wage. The high-growth companies to watch list highlights high-potential companies for job seekers, business leaders, and investors.

The eight Montana High-Growth Companies to Watch in 2019 are:

1. Alosant, Bozeman

Founded in Montana in 2017, Alosant is a lifestyle management platform targeted toward real estate communities.  Michael Swanson and April LaMon are co-founders.

2. Alter Enterprise, Missoula

At its core, Alter Enterprise is an IT company, but  founder Ryan Alter said they work closely with clients to produce solutions that can range from traditional IT services to cybersecurity.

3. DataSmart Health Solutions, Missoula.

Bernard Khomenko, CEO DataSmart Health Solutions uses sophisticated d“We’re blessed with the opportunity to stand for something; liberty, freedom and fairness. And these are things worth fighting for, worth devoting our lives to.”

– Ronald Reaganata analytics to help companies build the best health benefits packages for their employees while saving them money.

4. Figure, Bozeman and Helena.

Mike Cagney, CEO, explains Figure uses a custom-built blockchain platform, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics to provide home equity solutions for their clients. .

5. MyVillage, Bozeman.

Erica Mackey and Elizabeth Szymanski, co-founded the company in 017. MyVillage is a platform designed to empower educators to create and run childcare services. it helps them navigate issues like setting up a website or filing for insurance. In April, MyVillage closed a $5.95 million seed round, the largest ever closed by a Montana company. 

6. Superior Traffic Services, Missoula. 

Jeff Hollenback, CEO, founded the company in 2009. The construction tech company has built a system to manage portable traffic signals, and other e traffic control equipment in real-time. By providing a solution to automate traffic control in busy and rural construction zones, Superior helps make the road safer..

7. Vision Aerial, Bozeman.  

Shane Beams, founder, produces drones for commercial use— commercial infrastructure inspection drones  since early 2016.

8. XY Planning Network/AdvicePay, Bozeman.

Alan Moore and Michael Kitces, co-founders, help financial planners set up their own businesses.


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