The Billings Bypass will not be called the Billings Bypass.

Maybe it will be called the Lockwood-Heights Commerce Park Way.

The Montana Department of Transportation will name the proposed section of highway that will connect Johnson Lane in Lockwood to the Heights near the junction of Highways 312 and 87, west of Main Street. But earlier this year a MDT spokesman said the agency tends not to like naming routes “bypass,” and they encouraged input from the community.

A small delegation from the Lockwood Planning Steering Committee submitted to the county commissioners a list of names that have been put forth for the route. The list highlighted two of the names as the top choices of the committee, “Lockwood Commerce Park Way”  and “Lockwood-Heights Connector.”

After some discussion amongst all those present at the commissioners’ discussion meeting, the name

“Lockwood –Heights Commerce Park Way,” emerged as the preferred name. County Commissioners said they would send a letter to the Department of Transportation recommending that name.

The other names that were suggested by the community were:

  • Unicorn Road
  • Jackalope Highway
  • Don Reed Highway
  • Mel Harris Highway
  • Dan Mortensen Expressway
  • Expressway or Bypass or Connector or Parkway or Way
  • Rim Connector
  • Coulson Connection
  • Lockwood Bypass
  • Lockwood Interchange
  • Eastgate Emerald Hills Highway
  • Great Drive of ’89 Highway
  • 1889 Centennial Expressway
  • Yellowstone Way
  • Calamity Jane Bypass
  • Big Foot Bypass
  • Sasquatch Bypass
  • Freedom Way


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