By Holly Demaree-Saddler, Montana Manufacturing Extension Center

The Scoular Co. has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Montana Microbial Products to produce and sell a barley protein concentrate (BPC) in North America and Asia.

BPC is a sustainable, plant-based alternative protein used in aquaculture feed and pet food. It is produced from non-GMO barley.

Scoular said it plans to build a $13 million manufacturing facility to accommodate production of BPC. The facility location has not been finalized but is expected to be in Idaho for better access to barley producers. The facility is anticipated to be operational by May 2021.

The new facility is projected to process 1.9 million bushels of barley annually, with production expected to expand over the next several years. A high-energy liquid feed supplement for cattle feeders will be co-produced, Scoular said.

“We’re excited to work with Montana Microbial Products to commercialize barley protein concentrate and look forward to collaborating with many industry stakeholders,” said John Messerich, senior vice president and division manager of Feed Ingredients at Scoular. “In a world of growing protein demand and an uncertain economic environment for farmers, BPC will contribute to Scoular’s mission of adding value to multiple industries with sustainable products.”

Montana Microbial Products produces barley protein concentrates. It operates a pilot plant in Melrose, Mont., and a research lab in Missoula, Mont.


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