By Matt Rosendale

Our state, and our country, has never faced a challenge like the one we are confronted with today. COVID-19, and the ensuing shutdown sent shockwaves through our economy. The consequences have been devastating, and we are only beginning to see its full impact.

Over the last few months, we’ve experienced economic carnage unlike any period in my lifetime. Many business owners had to make the difficult decision to tell loyal employees that the paycheck they were depending on wouldn’t be coming. Countless others have been forced to close their doors for good—the flames of lifelong passions extinguished forever.

Even more tragically, some have lost their lives. It is painful to think of the life and human potential that this pandemic has taken from us. To those who lost a friend or a loved one, my heart goes out to you. I share your anguish and join in grieving for every member of our American family that’s succumbed to this virus.

Despite these unprecedented challenges, I have been encouraged to see Montanans come together and help one another during these trying times. The outpouring of support for the vulnerable and those in need has been incredibly heartening. It is truly a reminder that in Montana, our communities are our strength, and that together there is no storm that we can’t weather.

As our state continues to adapt to the various stages of re-opening, we must focus on reigniting our economy and getting Montanans safely back to work as soon as possible. Our recovery is being held back by the vast web of onerous federal taxes and regulations on our families and businesses. That’s why I’ve developed a plan which includes proven policies to get government out of the way of small businesses, unleash economic growth, and foster job creation and innovation in our state.

I know what an incredible challenge it is to run a small business and have experienced firsthand the crushing fist of government. I’ve had to make difficult decisions to make budgets balance and felt the anxiety that comes with being responsible for putting food on the table for your employees. This is the perspective I’ve brought to government, and why I have made it a priority—both in the legislature and as State Auditor—to slash burdensome regulations, cut taxes on small businesses and families, and rein in government spending.  

My plan will remove barriers to job creation and  jumpstart our economy by providing regulatory relief, creating a tax structure that incentivizes economic investment, protecting innocent business owners from liability, incentivizing individuals to return to work, getting government spending under control, responsibly harnessing our vast natural resources, and connecting rural communities across our state. I know these priorities will provide the support and flexibility that struggling businesses need right now, and I look forward to putting my business experience to work for Montanans.

While the challenges facing our state and country are daunting, I remain steadfast in the belief that Montana’s best days still lie ahead. Together, we will come back stronger than ever before, and usher in a renewed era of prosperity and opportunity for our state.

Matt Rosendale is Montana’s State Auditor and currently the Republican nominee for Montana’s at-large seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Matt’s plan to reignite the economy can be viewed at:


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