After an exciting inaugural event last August, the goal of organizers this year was to make Dig It Days bigger and better, so it is with great dismay that Yellowstone County News and Dig It Days sponsors and volunteers, have decided it is best to cancel the event this year because of the uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 virus.

The very first Dig it Days was launched last summer by Yellowstone County News as a unique fundraising event that offers a wonderful experience for the whole family— fun, educational and entertaining.

With the biggest display of static heavy equipment, trucks, farm equipment, and emergency services vehicles ever assembled in Yellowstone County, kids explored, inspected, crawled around, climbed on, up and over the equipment, taking pictures and pretending to operate, unimpeded by time restraints or silly “rule-making” adults.  They were able to operate a back hoe for real and play to their hearts content in a mountain of sand, with lots of toys. Booths offered other fun activities and food. There were free t-shirts, and admission was $5 per person with the proceeds going to local non-profit organizations for children.

Sponsors, which included Northwestern Energy, RDO, Knife River, and Exxon Mobile Pipeline Co, remain excited about the opportunity Dig It Days offers to introduce children to the world of construction on the way to shaping future careers and an understanding of the world. Despite this year’s disappointment they too are looking forward to producing an even greater event next summer.

Dig it Days is the kind of event that Jonathan and Tana McNiven, owners of the Yellowstone County News, have always wanted to be part of. “It’s educational, family wholesome, constructive and supportive of business and the community,” said McNiven.


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