Eggart Enterprises Llc/Infinity Roofing & Siding Inc, 1711 6th Ave N, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $92,862

Red Fox Apartments Lllp/All Seasons Roofing, 332 Sioux Ln, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $67,500.00

Mt Heights Senior 4% Lllp/Wegner Homes, 230 Starner Ln, Com Fence/Roof/Siding,   $107,800.00

Church Of The Open Bible Of Bi /Donahue Roofing Llc, 302 19th St W, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $41,570.00

Hope United Methodist Church /Sprague Construction Roofing Division, 244 Wicks Ln,   Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $50,400.00

Mountrail Properties Llc/Wyomont Exterior Design, 124 N 24th St, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $60,000   Side

Stock Investment Group Iii Llc, 149 Shiloh Rd, Com Remodel, $50,000.00

Fagg Family Properties Llc, 235 N 32nd St, Com Remodel, $8,000.00

Safetech, Inc/ CTA Building Llp, 312 N 22nd St, Demolition Permit Commercial, $4,000.00

Sisters Of Charity Of Lvnwrth/Sprague Construction Roofing Division, 1230 N 30th St, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $47,615

Steel Properties Inc/Lennick Bros. Roofing & Sheetm, 3210 Henesta Dr, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $18,000

Billings Properties Llc/Kirkness Roofing Inc, 3042 King Ave W, Com Fence/Roof/Siding  $22,248

Briar Rock Group Llc/Perfect 10 Roofing & Construction, 2208 Central Ave, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $60,000

Berst, David/Sprague Construction Roofing Division, 1211 1st Ave N, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $4,800

Leo C Schwehr Bypass Trust & /Billings Pavement Services Llc, 4 32nd St W, Com New Parking Lot/Non-Building Structure, $35,000

Jpk3m1 Llc/Jares Fence Company, Inc, 5364 Midland Rd, Com Remodel, $21,000

STV Building Partnership, 1139 N 27th St, Com Remodel – Change In Use, $23,650

Rimrock Owner LP/Neumann Construction, 300 S 24th St W, Com Remodel – Change In Use,  $38,600


Aldrich, Richard K & Katherine/Freyenhagen Construction, Inc.743 Park Ln, Res Addition Single/Duplex/Garage, $1,000

Dunn, Matthew T & Chris A/Braaton Construction & Home Repair Inc, 2173 Pheasant Pl, Res Addition Single/Duplex/Garage, $0.00

Koprek, Reed A & Cynthia D/Big Sky Custom Builders, 2919 38th St W, Res New Accessory Structure, $60,000

Montplaisir, Michael & Marjori, 1236 Harvard Ave, Res New Accessory Structure, $48,000

Zweegman, Brian , 1119 Pepper Ln, Res New Accessory Structure,     $5,000

Diverse Construction Llc,2133 Gleneagles Blvd,   Res New Single Family, $263,284

Buscher Construction Ltd, 3110 Falcon Cir, Res New Single Family,    $237,000

Lorenz Construction, 3364 Pipestone Dr, Res New Single Family,    $233,117

Formation Inc, 2521 Mountain Range Ct, Res New Single Family,   $299,752

Formation Inc, 2514 Mountain Range Ct, Res New Single Family,     $208,092

Oakland Built Homes Inc, 1448 Las Palmas Ave, Res New Single Family    $205,020

Green Jeans Llc, 1306 Jean Ave, Res New Single Family, $254,686

High Sierra II Inc, 2412 Bonito Loop, Res New Single Family, $207,088

Mark  Allen/Trailhead Builders Of Montana Llc, 1512 Columbine Dr, Res New Two Family, $0.00

Handlos, Ronald K & Sylvia Bar/Environmental Contractors Llc, 525 Clark Ave,   Demolition Permit Residential, $3,800

Farrier Curt J & Donna M, 2045 Constellation Trl, Res New Accessory Structure, $40,000

Donald L Harr Survivor Trust/Mike Mjelstad Construction, 3010 Wendimere Ln, Res New Accessory Structure, $6,900

Sterup, Robert L & Carolyn I, 4406 Laredo Pl, Res New Accessory Structure, $12,000

Infinity Home Llc, 3107 70th St W, Res New Single Family, $0.00

Blanding, Nathan & Kristen, 537 Clark Ave, Res New Single Family, $189,302

Manley, Gerald B & Jane R/Steadfast Builders, 2722 Cornell Cir, Res New Single Family, $300,000

Trails West Homes Llc, 920 Bitterbrush St, Res New Single Family, $247,732.00


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