I was thinking about the Dem plan to increase taxes on corporations (you know, the evil corporations) while not increasing taxes on the middle class. So I looked it up. Here’s what I found from the Congressional Research Service document (fas.org) “Pass-Throughs, Corporations, and Small Businesses: A Look at Firm Size” March 15, 2018. Using stats from an analysis of US census data from 2015, the report shows that “…73% of corporations… had fewer than 10 employees; 85% of corporations… had fewer than 20 employees; 97% of corporations had fewer than 100 employees…” so when voters rub their hands together about sticking it to corporations, just realize they might be your neighbors, your valued community cause supporters, the creators of services and buy-local goods you count on every day.  They and their employees are likely the middle class.

Deborah Nash

Manhattan, Montana


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