Montana State University Billings is next in line to transform their student newspaper into a podcast. For the first time in the history of the newspaper, students and listeners alike will be able to experience The Retort from anywhere connected to the internet.

A few clicks away, listeners will be able to stream every episode of The Retort: Hive Podcast via Spotify and Apple Podcast. New episodes will be released every other Thursday featuring widely diverse topics relating to MSUB, students, and current news. Currently, four episodes have been released this fall.

This year, senior Olivia Ruesch is taking over as The Retort’s editor-in-chief. Ruesch comments on how transitioning from a traditional newspaper to a podcast has been.

“Taking on the project of transitioning a traditional newspaper into a podcast has been very challenging, yet exciting every step of the way. With the help of Yellowstone Public Radio, we have been building the foundations for this platform to be successful in the future years here at MSUB,” says Ruesch. “Building a professional recording studio by hand, learning how to work all the equipment, and editing the content to produce an interesting and informative podcast are all challenges our team is working on to make sure our listeners have the best experience possible and engage with the community.”

Other student staff members include Marketing Manager Reilly Vetos from Missoula, Montana, Writer Jordan Lahi of Zuni, New Mexico, Writer Courtney Teneyck of Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Writer Eric Young of Billings, Montana. The Retort is a student-led and operated organization with the main objective of reporting on all school related news that the student population will find interesting and informative. It is important to be current on school events and The Retort strives to publish the best quality of content for readers and listeners to enjoy.

The goal of The Retort is to eventually become more than a podcast. With equipment meant to last, the hope is that students will be able to use the resources and equipment provided by The Retort for additional endeavors. The Retort is located in the Student Union Building on the university campus.


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