Returning home to Billings, after serving five years in the Marine Corp, Seth Stovall couldn’t find a job he really liked. Since he has always been interested in guns and enjoys every aspect of learning about them — shooting for sport and recreation, as well as the training he had in the military – Stovall has opened a gun store in Lockwood.

The new store, called Castle Arms, is located at 2750 Old Hardin Road, Ste. D, a strip mall at the corner of Johnson Lane and Old Hardin Road.

“I have grown up with guns,” he said – hunting as a youth and  “learning a lot in the military.” His experience gives him a lot of insight and knowledge about guns. And, he adds, “I completely respect the second amendment.”

The store will specialize in AR style (Armalite Rifle) guns, as well as other guns and fire arm accessories. Starting a retail gun store at a time when fire arms and ammunition are in high demand and in short supply is something of a “slow process”, but Stovall said that it is growing and distributors are supportive and he expects to expand.

Hours of the business are from 10 am to 6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

Stovall attended Shepherd High School and attended Rocky Mountain College, getting a degree in information technology.

Stovall expressed his gratitude to everyone who has helped him launch his new business.


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