MSU Billings and Northwest College have established a 2+2 partnership that will allow Northwest College graduates who have completed an Associate of Science degree the opportunity to seamlessly transition to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with the general business, accounting, finance, management, or marketing degree option at MSU Billings.

“We’re excited to partner with Northwest College to create a streamlined pathway for their graduates to further their educational opportunities. Their students are a good fit to finish their degree at MSUB. Our College of Business is AACSB accredited and properly prepares our graduates for the workforce,” said MSUB Chancellor Stefani Hicswa.

Interim President Lisa Watson noted, “For many students at Northwest College, finding a university with good programs and flexibility is key. Many of our students are also regionally close and like the feel of a smaller institution. Creating a 2+2 partnership with MSU Billings for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a wonderful fit designed to support our students and their success for years to come.”

Northwest College graduates who choose to participate in the 2+2 program will be able to obtain an MSUB business bachelor’s degree completely online or in person in two years assuming they are full-time students. They will also be afforded the same treatment and protection as other MSUB students enrolled and the criteria for acceptance into MSUB is the same.

Wyoming and Montana are part of the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program, which is an agreement among Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education’s 16 member states and territories, through which 160+ participating public colleges and universities provide significant nonresident tuition savings for western students. Through WUE, eligible students can choose from hundreds of undergraduate programs outside their home state and pay no more than 150 percent of that institution’s resident tuition rate. Since full nonresident college-tuition rates may exceed 300 percent of resident rates, WUE increases affordable higher-education choices for students, and minimizes the adverse impacts of student loan debt.


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