The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has invited the public to comment on a proposal to improve two intersections on Laurel Road; the two intersections are located at Moore Lane and Parkway Lane.

Proposed work includes updated lighting and signal equipment for vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, new signage will also be installed at the intersections. The purpose of the project is to update the signal equipment to allow for safe and efficient signal operations.

The project is tentatively scheduled for construction in 2022.

An important part of properly planning for future projects is partnering with the community. The Montana Department of Transportation welcomes the public to provide ideas and comments on the proposed project. Comments may be submitted online at http:// www.mdt. mdt/ comment_form. shtml or in writing to Montana Department of Transportation, Billings office at PO Box 20437, Billings, MT  59104-0437. Note that comments are for project UPN 9568000.

The public is encouraged to contact Project Design Engineer LeRoy Wosoba at (406) 444-1280 or Billings Preconstruction Engineer Mike Taylor at (406) 657-0233 for additional information.


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