Dear Editor,

On August 3, 2021, the Yellowstone County Commissioners faced one of its most significant votes in recent memory relating to the recreational marijuana issue as a result of I-90. Whether you were for the Board action, or against it, is was important for each Commissioner to participate.

Commissioner Pitman stated he had a family event to attend out of state. While family is important, so is the County’s business.

The decision to place the matter on the ballot in November as to prohibiting non-medical marijuana businesses in the County was and remains enormous.

It failed on a 1-1 vote. Due to Pitman’s conspicuous absence, the measure died for lack of a majority.

The public deserves to know where Pitman stands. He could have given his proxy to a like minded Board member. He could have called in (voice/zoom/etc) to let his opinion be known. He could have left his comments to be read into the public record. All of these things he COULD have done to serve Yellowstone County voters/citizens and still attended his family event.

This measure has been known about for some time. There were many opportunities to prepare and share his thoughts rather than hide behind a family excuse to avoid taking a tough stand. Is that what we want in a Commissioner? I would have been there for Yellowstone County citizens and voted.

Vote for Mark Morse in the 2022 Republican primary for Yellowstone County Commissioner. I am the American Patriot who will best represent voters/citizens and not make excuses.

Mark Morse

Billings, Montana


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